Project Details:

Project Type: Not Applicable

Project Name Social Compliance
Project Duration It has been started from 2001 and it‟s a sustainability project.
Funding organization

Adidas Group.

Project Goal

Ensure to provide legal benefits by the factory management. (Maternity benefit, Minimum wages earn leave payment, Service benefit etc) and guide the factories to overcome their loopholes. To conduct “consultancy ,Corporate social responsibility ” to create awareness to management and workers of selected factories on local labor law, Adidas code of conduct and the EPZ Workers Association and Industrial Relations Act of 2006.

Project Purpose

Phulki works directly with factory management and workers in promoting better workplace conditions and to establish the basic rights of workers and productivity in factories. Through a confidential workers interviews. Phulki‟s interaction with factory workers and management as a result, - Make workers to identify their problem.
-Train workers to prioritize the issues.
-Train workers to art of putting issue to management.
-Train Management as good listener.

Project Output
  • Maintenance & upgradation of compliance.
  • Increased Export & Sustainable Economy.
  • Improved Labor Standard & workplace Safety.
  • More Investment.
  • Better Worker and Owner Relation.
  • More Efficiency & Productivity.
Project working areas

Dhaka and Chittagong.


Factory Workers & Management.

Short description

Phulki conduct once in a month Independent External Monitoring Visit in favor of Adidas as a consultant. Monitor the basic rights of workers through (Off-site and on-site workers interview) and guide the factories to overcome their loopholes. The basic principles of Adidas COC have been derived from the principles of international human rights norms as delineated in International Labour
Organization Conventions, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Workers and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It has nine core areas to be addressed upon. These are as follows:
1. Child labour
2. Forced labour
3. Health and safety
4. Compensation
5. Working hours
6. Discrimination
7. Discipline
8. Free association and collective bargaining (WWA/WPC)
9. Management systems

Phulki conducted „Workers Interview‟ as per the Adidas COC and Bangladesh Labor law basically based on the following steps:

1. Opening meeting with the factory management (informed the scope of the workers interview)
2. Factory Tour (observed working condition, Check Health and Safety Issue).
3. Document Review (payroll, time card, personal file, age documentation etc. (if needed).
4. Sharing meeting with factory management (discussed workers interview findings and recommended necessary improvements).
According to the workers information with management comments, Phulki prepare a report on monthly basis and send a report to the Adidas Group.

Major Achievements

1. War on Want has released a report on “Olympic brands caught up in abuse scandal” to some factories of Nike, Adidas and Puma. But as per investigation no negative finding has found
as related Olympic scandal against Adidas factory in Bangladesh which are visited by Phulki.
2. Adidas said: “All our suppliers in Bangladesh are subject to regular audits, including monitoring visits by a women NGO which interviews workers and examine workplace conditions.
We also run a telephone hotline to address workers complaints.”