Project Details:

Project Type: Running Project

Project Name Jukta Hoe Mukta (United We Stand)
Project Duration 1st February, 2016 – 31st January, 2019
Funding organization

European Union

Project Goal

Potential and already migrant adolescent girls and young women working in RMG sector experience safe, secure and enabling working environment and fulfilling social conditions.

Project Purpose
  1. Potential and already migrant adolescent girls/young women from marginalized communities and slums make informed choices (social, economic and professional) regarding migration and work in the RMG sector.
  2. Organized women workers of the RGM sector and slum-based adolescent girls/young women actively participating in the decision-making process and advocating for their interests.
Project Output

Migrated girls and young women continue to receive social, informational and rights based support.

Project working areas


  1. Children aged 2-6 years
  2. Working women and adolescent girls from project areas.
Short description

Main Expected outputs:

a) Contact community people including working mothers with children 2-6 years to share Phulkis available services (Daycare, Womens Cafe, and Helpline) to form and activate Centre Management Committee (CMCs)

b) Establish cluster-wise daycare centers along with a learning center

c) Establish womens cafes as a meeting place for adolescent girls and working women to learn about SRHR, health & hygiene and rights-based issues

d) Further develop the Helpline services for adolescent girls and working women in vulnerable situation (violation of rights, health hazards and work place safety)

Major Achievements