Project Details:

Project Type: Not Applicable

Project Name Community based Childcare Centres
Project Duration January 2014 to December 2014
Funding organization


Project Goal

The goal of the Project is to contribute in the improvement of ECD service delivery for KIK supported children centers.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the Project is to ensure the increased access of poor, particularly women in Job market as well as to ensure their children holistic development under early childhood development program.

Project Output
  1. Increased quality age appropriate early childhood development service delivery to the children aged between 2-6 years of KIK centers children.
  2. Improved Pre-school learning environment for children enabling them to prepare for admission.
  3. Improved children health and nutrition through monthly check up by doctor.
  4. Enhanced centers safety standards
Project working areas

8 Day care centers and 4 learning centers at Mohammadpur Area.


108 Children of 12 centers and their family member.

Short description

The Project had work in 3 components to achieve its expected outputs, which are:

  1. Community Based Childcare and Development centres
  2. Caregivers Training and
  3. Capacity Building of the Community.
Major Achievements

End of the 2014, 12 Children have admitted in main stream school by encouragement of Phulki’s supervisor and motivation given to parents in CMC meeting where school authority also attended. School authority also permitted children admission with half monthly fee.