Project Details:

Project Type: Not Applicable

Project Name Professional Development Plan
Project Duration 2016 - 2018
Funding organization

Porticus Asia Fund

Project Goal

-           to identify the competency gaps of Phulki staffs

-           enhancing the knowledge and expertise among Phulki's staffs

Project Purpose

-          help the top management to select the right person for the right kind of trainings/educational courses etc.

-          build up the competency and proficiency of the  Phulki staff

Project Output
Project working areas

Staff of Phulki

Short description

This current project is about organizational development on early childhood development. Bangladesh is still not very adapted to this ECD program or have high rate of professionals in this sector. Developing professionals in this sector will ensure better output in work related to childcare programs. Also to conduct any program basic management and financial management training is a necessity which not only helps to make a program successful but also helps to be more efficient and effective to implement it.

Major Achievements