Project Details:

Project Type: Running Project

Project Name Nirapod-2: Empowering Women on SRHR and Choice of Safe MR and FP
Project Duration Dec 2015- Dec 2019
Funding organization

Funded by:
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Supported by:
Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP)
Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)

Project Goal

Strengthen safe Menstrual Regulation (MR) and Family Planning (FP) services for the women and adolescents in selected districts of Bangladesh.

Project Purpose

1. Increase access to safe MR, FP, Post Abortion Care and post MR FP services among the women, adolescents and garment factory workers
2. Obtain GoB and garment associations support and approval for implementation of project activities and testing of modified service modalities

Project Output

-          Increased demand for safe MR, FP, post abortion care and post MR FP services among the women, adolescents and garment factory workers

-          Provide Sanitary Napkins with 50% less then market price. Initially Nirapod project, Factory Management & user(worker) jointly carry out the price & consequently  through 3 years the product  will be carry out by the user

-          FP Corner Set up -  A corner will be establish with Pill, Condom beside factory medical centre with GOB rate .

Project working areas

Garment Factories in 3 districts Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur


1. Factory Management
2. Doctors
3. Workers
4. Health Service Providers
5. National & local GOB
6. Bangladesh Garments Manufacture & Export Association
7. Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer & Export Association
8. Buying Companies

Short description

Female garments hardly have any awareness related to family Planning,menstrual regulation, unsafe menstrual regulation, prenatal health care,safe pregnancy, pregnancy spacing, personal hygiene, safe menstrual practices, HIV/AIDS, Sexual transmitted infection/dresses, reproductive tract infection/ etc. This is the major cause of many personal health related problems.

Moreover, this lack of awareness also leads to unsafe and even dangerous pre natal condition among these women, causing their children being born with low birth weight, even still birth. Their lack of awareness related to anti natal care, proper family planning method as well as pregnancy spacing impacts on their own health as well as their future pregnancies and children‟s health conditions. Projects involving awareness rising among the female garments workers regarding pre and anti natal health care, pregnancy preparation and pregnancy spacing, family planning and women‟s personal health management is, therefore a timely response of this need in Bangladesh.

Phulki‟s approach towards this promotion of health awareness amongst the female garments workers involve peer educator group. From 2012, Phulki has expanded the reach of this project through partnership approach.

Phulki also established a referral linkage between Phulki, Garments factory Management & Reproductive Health service providers. Those health centers are adjacent of garments factory premises. As result, Garments Factory workers received health services indeed with subsidy.

Major Achievements

Advocacy Workshop on Enabling Women’s empowerment and choice on SRHR and FP Support at Garments Sector