Project Details:

Project Type: Running Project

Project Name AFA Plus Project
Project Duration 3 Years (2016 to 2018)
Funding organization


Project Goal

The AFA Project seeks to improve working conditions at key producers through dialogue trainings that help workers and managers jointly address issues in their factories.

Project Purpose
  • Improve the working conditions in factories
  • Help producers by providing the right methods for improvement
  • Build up capacity within the ALDI supply chain
  • Strengthening supplier relations
Project Output
  • Working atmosphere will improve: employees work more happily
  • Problems/conflicts can be solved at an early stage before they escalate
  • Increase workers’ sense of belonging to factory
  • Decrease turnover rates
  • Prevention of severe accidents
  • Productivity gains through workers’ higher motivation
  • Reduction of overtime hours
Project working areas

Savar, Gazipur


Factory Workers - Managers and Supplier

Short description

The AFA Project is a training program designed for a specific Brand  supplying factory workers and managers.

AFA Project uses a dialogue training approach. Workers and managers learn how to tackle their problems in the workplace jointly and to find effective solutions.

Major Achievements
  • AFA Project changed the mentality in the worker management relation through dialogue
  • Involved workers in the decision making process
  • Improved internal communication channel
  • Improved productivity of the factory
  • Promoted female workers in the supervisory level