Project Details:

Project Type: Not Applicable

Project Name Support Women Workers through Reproductive Health and Child Care for Tesco‟s Factory
Project Duration 1 year, 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015
Funding organization

Tesco International Sourcing Bangladesh

Project Goal
Project Purpose

To ensure Tesco factory women worker‟s right to reproductive health and their children holistic development.

Project Output
  • To increase awareness on health, hygiene and reproductive health issues.
  • To develop skill of grass root level women on early childhood development concept.
  • To increase access of early childhood care and development services through community based day care center.
Project working areas
  • 5 Readymade garment factories at Gazipur, Jaidevpur, Tongi and EPZ area.
  • 3 day care centers at Savar, Gazipur and Jaidevpur area.

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • 60 children of 3 day care center( per center 20 children)
  • 3 caregivers of 3 day care centers
  • 125 Peer Educators from 5 factories (Per factory 25 peer educators)

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • 300 family members of children.
  • 15 family members of care givers.
  • 15 center management committee members (based on 3 center, per center 5 members)
  • 625 family member of peer educators
Short description

Project Activities: Factory Training
1. Health Need Assessment (HNA)
2. Basic training
3. Refresher Training 

Content of training

  • Reproductive health
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Violence against Women(family)
  • Safe maternal health
  • Family planning & Menstrual Regulation(MR)
  • Reproductive transmitted Information Infection(RTI)/Sexualtransmitted Infection(STI)

4. Progress Sharing Meeting & Certificate giving ceremony
5. Impact Assessment

Project Activities: Day care center

1. Care givers basic training
2. Refresher training
3. Provide caregivers guidebook
4. Recruit caregivers
5. Enrolment of children at the centers
6. Childcare services provided from 8 am to 5 pm, five days a week
7. Formulate center management committee
8. Monthly mothers meeting

Major Achievements

Munira who is 03 years old is the special (disable) baby girl of Phulki‟s day care center of Savar area. She could not able to say any word. She speaks only some meaningless words. She is the daughter of Ms.Shuktara Begum, who is an employee of TESCO factory Aman Design & Graphics. She is a very skilled worker in the factory but only be-cause of her special (disable) baby she was worried about the safety of her child. Her older baby girl is only 10 years old, So there was no one in her family to look after her children. Her husband is drug addicted. He is
not living with his family. 

After joining the day care center Munira„s condition quite better than past. Now she plays with other children and stay happily. Her mother is so happy and secured about her baby.