Project Details:

Project Type: Not Applicable

Project Name Community based Child Care Center through Age Appropriate Stimulation and Care for the Children of Working Women
Project Duration 5 Years (2012 to 2016).
Funding organization


Project Goal
  • The goal of the Project is to contribute the improvement of ECD service delivery in Dhaka and Valuka.
  • To support the Dekko, Square Garments female workers.
  • Address the age appropriate developmental needs of children between 2-5 years.
Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to ensure children holistic development through age appropriate stimulation and care and to ensure the increased access of poor, particularly women and children of Mirpur and Valuka Area to this service.

Project Output
  • Increased coverage of Day Care Service Delivery to Dekko Garments Working Mothers and eligible others.
  • Age Appropriate early childhood development service delivery to the children aged between 2-5 years of Dekko, Square Working Mothers and eligible others.
  • Efficient and effective project management in organizational and community level.
Project working areas
  • Mirpur –Bawniabadh, Duaripara, Dha block, Arambag, Eastern
    Housing, Pallabi D block.
  • Valuka- Mymensing.
  • Early childhood care and education will be ensured for 400 children from 2-5 years of age.
  • Mothers of 400 children from 2-6 years of age will be provided with safe and secure day care centers.
  • Mothers of 400 children from 2-6 years of age will have worryless access to job market.
  • 40 women will be trained as professional caregivers, and 10 women will be trained as professional teachers on ECD curriculum.
Short description

The Community Based day care program with age specific stimulation and care for the children of Working Women in Bangladesh is a timely response to the existing needs of the working women and their children, living in the urban slums of Mirpur, Dhaka and Valuka,Mymensing. The Project is addressing the need for increased coverage of Day Care Service to the workers of Dekko residing in Mirpur 11 and Square factory in Valuka and by extension, the other eligible mothers of the same residing area. At the same time this project assuring the age appropriate developmental needs of children between 2-6 years of age by segregating them into three age groups and provide them with appropriate ECD activities to boost stimulate their learning experiences.

Major Achievements
  • Ensuring age appropriate education and ECD service by
    following the Governmental Pre-Primary Education
  • 98% of our target has been achieved
  • Mothers are getting benefits from monthly meetings with
    improved parenting skills and can go for work without
    worrying for children. Other family members are also getting
    knowledge of ECD.
  • Every year Children go to mainstream school after finishing
    their learning centers Pre- Primary curriculum.
  • Dropout rate from school is reduced and children from
    our Day Care Centers are doing better in school
  • Special need children (children with speech disorder and late
    child) can express their needs with the support of our centers