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1. What is Phulkis mission?
2. What is Phulkis vision for the future?
3. What are Phulkis greatest achievements?
4. Where are you located in Bangladesh?
5. Is it possible to visit your facilities?
6. How do you ensure quality?
7. What is your reporting procedure?
8. Can you provide references?
9. How would we keep track of a project?
10. What is your accounting system?
11. How can I help?

1. What is Phulkis mission?

Phulkis mission is to create a world where working women will not have to sacrifice their childrens well-being in order to achieve economic emancipation.

2. What is Phulkis vision for the future?

Phulki intends to raise public awareness about the negative impact of neglecting children. Phulki also intends to make corporate leaders more aware of their social responsibilities to their workers and will encourage them to sponsor welfare projects for workers and their children. And also understand that corporate social responsibilities are profitable for business.

Phulki is also trying to develop an Advocacy and Outreach Program to ensure that the care and development of the child during his/her early years is not only internationally recognized as a right but is a fulfilled goal.

3. What are Phulkis greatest achievements?

Our greatest achievements are arguably that the name-brand buying companies now include child care programs within their code of conduct and Changing the Policy of Public Private sector on child care. We have established Child Care Centers (crèches) in garments industries and in other places where women workers constitute a majority.

4. Where are you located in Bangladesh?

Phulkis head office is located at Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh. Most of its work takes place in the garments factories and slums in and around the city.

5. Is it possible to visit your facilities?

Yes anyone who is interested can visit our facilities but a previous information/appointment is advisable. Please contact our office for details.

6. How do you ensure quality?

We ensure quality by carefully monitoring each project; in-house staff training; monthly staff meetings; and from the feed back at grass- roots level community management committee.

7. What is your reporting procedure?

Apart from Annual report we also submit report as required by the Partner/s.


8. Can you provide references?

The Executive Director of Phulki is an Ashoka Fellow. Phulki has also been recognised and rewarded by the Schwab Foundation as an outstanding social entrepreneur. Phulkis partners whose names and address can be viewed on this web page under "Partners" can also provide us with references.

9. How would we keep track of a project?

We submit six monthly/yearly progress and financial reports supported by a Bank Statement of each project to our development partners.

10. What is your accounting system?

Phulki has a computerized accounting system and as a non-profit, development organization, Phulki maintains its accounts on a "Cash basis accounting system" in a "Double Entry System." The operation of the accounting system begins with the preparation of business/dealing papers such as an advance request/invoice/requisitions/ cheque and includes the capture of the data entered on this paper and its flow through the vouching, recording, classifying, summarizing and reporting steps of the system.

11. How can I help?

You too can be a partner with Phulkis endeavor by contributing donation for the safety and Early Childhood Development of the deserving poor child.

In two way you can be our partner (If you are in Bangladesh ):-

We collect donation from particular person. If any one wish to donate to Phulki personally She/ he have to give donation tk 500 per month and tk 6000 per year for one child (donation form no-2).

We also collect donation from different organization/individual. If any organization want to donate Phulki in that case they have to donate at lest for 5 day care centers. You have to pay tk 6,00,000 per year for 5 day care centers (donation form no-1) for those organizations want to be a partner with Phulki. $8570 per year if you are not residing in Bangladesh.

Just fill out this donation form and submit it. Phulki will reply in acknowledgment and a bank transfer will be ensure at a later date.

Publish Date 2015-07-08