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News Title: Amader Kotha Newsletter

News Title Amader Kotha Newsletter
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News, analysis, and case studies

Our new quarterly newsletter format brings Helpline news, analysis and brief case studies to Helpline stakeholders and serves as a tool for anticipating and responding to safety and other factory issues.
Helpline Headlines (see sidebar: page 1) offers updates from the Amader Kotha Helpline project team to bring clarity to major developments. Second Quarter 2015 Findings (see page 2) provides an in-depth analysis of calls received. A Closer Look – Urgent Safety Issues Caused by Earthquake in Nepal (see page 5) examines how the Helpline was used during that natural disaster and is followed by other case studies of safety issues. Refined Call Categories to Drive Accountability and Reporting (see page 4) outlines new protocols for call categories based on learnings during the pilot period. Finally, more information about Amader Kotha project partners is found on page 6.

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Publish Date 2015-08-05