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News Title: Phulki Toddlers

News Title Phulki Toddlers
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PHULKI is a forerunner organization that provides day care services in workplace and community for under privileged working people. This has instigated PHULKI to start its first Urban Day Care center for the middle / upper middle working class (Pre. School based) from June 2017 in Mirpur, Dhaka. This child care facility will serve children from 1-6 years with after-school service in a very warm and caring atmosphere. The facility is fully equipped with all modern facility and trained certified caregivers on Early Childhood Development Model. Phulki believes that this Child Care services would help the urban class people to provide a better learning environment for their children.


Phulki Toddlers

Phulki Toddlers is committed to:

  • providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for children.
  • encourage each child in his/her developmental growth by providing an environment that provide learning through action and exploration.
  • Promote Early Childhood Development activities through a modern ECD curriculum. The curriculum, materials and guidelines are different for every child age groups which will ensure overall early development including physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.
  • promoting a cooperative, informative, and respectful relationship with families.
  • providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be taken care of.
  • childrens early literacy and school readiness will be a priority here.

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Publish Date 2017-05-16