Phulki started 25 years ago with a vision to endeavour to spark the development of socioeconomic conditions of disadvantaged people particularly woman and children. This organization is now managed by staff of 235 persons out of which 224 are young women which is a unique in Bangladesh today.

Phulki meaning “spark” in Bangla is a non-profit organization that brings a flicker of light to the lives of disadvantaged communities. Established in 1991 by a group of social workers, it has built for itself quite a substantive constituency amongst the disadvantaged working women and children in the urban areas. The systematic work over the twenty five years with children and working women has enabled it to earn a lot of goodwill and developed brand image of childcare and early childhood development (ECD) blended programming in Bangladesh.

Our Mission

Phulki envisages a future where children can grow in an environment that is not only secure and healthy but also provides them with proper education with which they can face the future.

Our Vission

Phulki endeavors to spark the development of the socioeconomic conditions of disadvantaged people particularly by promoting the rights of women and children.

Our Goal

The main goal is to protect and promote human rights (especially women and children rights) of the poor & vulnerable people by securing and empowering them.

Founders of the organization:

The Executive Director of Phulki Suraiya Haque dedicated her life to permanently changing the way the world treats women and children. She is the founder and heart & soul of Phulki. Governance and Management


Phulki is governed by an Executive Board composed of eminent personalities of diversified background of the country. The Board is very supportive of the management and provides regular inputs and strategic guidance to the organization. Phulki is fortunate to have a very strong and charismatic leader to steer the organization in its mission of achieving a challenging job. Professional competencies have further bolstered her leadership capability and thereby have contributed immensely to the growth of Phulki. Phulki is now preparing for a succession plan, which will develop more leaders in its journey towards accomplishing the organizational goal. The organization is staffed and managed by a team of young committed professionals with high potential. A large majority (99%) of them are female. This group has the right aptitude to advance the challenging mission of Phulki.

Executive Committee:

Phulki general assembly have selected an Executive Committee of 7 members, as the organizational policy makers and setting the direction of the NGO to achieve its objectives, annual yearly master plan in accordance with the Vision and the Mission of the NGO. Normally the committee meets quarterly and at any time needed.

Current Members are
  1. Mr Rashidul Hasan ↔ Chairman
  2. Ms. Jowshan A. Rahman ↔ Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. Murshed Mahbub ↔ Treasurer
  4. Mrs. Rokeya Khatoon ↔ Member
  5. Mr. Shareq Fahim Haque ↔ Member
  6. Mrs. M Firdaus Ahmed ↔ Member
  7. Mrs. Shirin Khan ↔ Member

Development partners supported Phulki’s Mission till Now

Current Development Partners:
  • Aga Khan Foundation, Canada
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • European Union
  • UNICEF & Bangladesh Shishu Academy
  • Aldi
  • Alliance
  • Shaplaneer, Japan
  • Adidas
Previous Development Partners:
  • Plan – International
  • World Health Organization
  • Action Aid Bangladesh
  • Global Fund for Children (USA)
  • Manusher Jonno Foundation
  • Water Aid Bangladesh
  • Royal Danish Embassy (DANIDA)
  • Cord-Aid (Netherlands)
  • Save the Children (UK)
  • Save the Children (USA)
  • BSR (USA)
  • Kik Textil-Diskont
  • Oxfam
  • Child Reach International
  • Tesco
Key Operational Strategies of Phulki:
  • Phulki gives the maximum priority to develop women and children in the society. Phulki is focusing on the following operation areas:
  • Public awareness to support and develop the women and children of society to be the key factors of national growth and progress.
  • Creating the awareness among women about their Health improvement, human rights and responsibilities in the society.
  • Health training and information sharing for women worker.
  • Motivating and guiding girl domestic worker to be healthy and strong
Core Values:
  • Phulki is Purposeful and Independent. Its vision is clear and focus it’s energy to achieve the goal.
  • All women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the society and participate in the development activities equally.
  • Phulki ensures participation of all poor people living in the working areas and provides special emphasis to the women’s participation as they are considerably in backward position.
  • All Phulki staff shall have equal opportunities for promotion based on their experience and qualification considering gender perspective.
  • Teamwork for the Common Cause
  • Untiring Effort for Improvement
  • Respect for others
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Mutual respect and partnership with the development partners